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Tom Novak

Tom Novak is the Denit Trust Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Marketing at the George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Donna Hoffman

Louis Rosenfeld Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Marketing The George Washington University School of Business
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We got three dash buttons yesterday – Tide, Bounty and Glad. Setup was pretty straightforward, although don’t try to run the microwave while you’re trying to pair the button with the app. The concept is pretty interesting, but as soon as we tried to select which Tide product for re-order, we didn’t see our variant… Read More

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I got my latest Comcast bill today. A fee increase AGAIN. That makes three (3!) increases since December. My service originally started with Blast, the high speed Internet service. That was $66.99 for my condo in DC. The service is OK, except when it’s not, but there aren’t any real choices, so I’m stuck with… Read More

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Originally posted on TIME:
While iPhone users flash their handsets to make payments and wait with bated breath for the release of Apple Watch, another of the company’s smartphone-based initiatives is ready to roll out — and it will forever change how people run their homes. From turning on lights to securing locks, Apple’s smart…

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I spent last week at CES 2015 in Vegas. This show was really different from all past shows. Central Hall, the traditional location for all the glitz and glamour at the Las Vegas Convention Center, was strangely flat. Sure, there were shiny TVs (4k, 8k), bigger TVs (105″!), curved TVs, and now, beautiful curved office… Read More

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At MSI’s “Immersion” conference on September 19, 2014,  I had the chance to talk about consumer interactions in a world where the Internet is no longer confined to the digital realm. Here’s a clip from my presentation.

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After three days of pounding the floor at CES 2015, I’m back in Washington, DC and ready to collect my thoughts about this year’s experience.  Originally, Donna Hoffman and I expected,as we usually do, to spent most of our time at Central and South Halls in the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Not this year.  In 2015,… Read More

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