My First Robo-Newspaper – Today’s Social Tech News

Tom Novak

logo-paper-liI just set up my first robo-newspaper, “Today’s Social Tech News” at  This newspaper is refreshed every morning, and brings in links from a set of 25 social media and technology Twitter feeds. These are the same feeds I access on my iPad through Flipboard, but produces a  Web page that organizes recent content from the 25 feeds into a nice-looking news format.

Right now I’m working with the free version of, so my domain name redirects to a generic URL. A $99/year “Pro” upgrade will remove the fairly minor ads from the site, let me use my custom domain name, and give me a bit more control over the look of the newspaper and some other bells and whistles.  But for $99/year, I’d like to see more than 25  feeds as well as the ability to create more than one “Pro” newspaper…

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