Wednesday at #CES2014

Tom Novak

Second full day at CES 2014.

Gaming. This guy at the YEI Technologies booth was suiting up with a PrioVR full body tracking suit that can be paired with an Oculus Rift headset for a “who needs the real world” virtual reality gaming experience.

Not too far away, a small crowd were driving their Spheros through a playing field.  While the non-spherical Spheros 2B is now out, there is still plenty of play value in the original.

Connected Home. 2014-01-08 12.14.53Qualcomm had a “Disney House of the Future” type of an exhibit where you walk through the Qualcomm Connected SmartHome – a model of a small house wired to the gills with Qualcomm hardware that enabled smart lightbulbs, tablet, air conditioners, teddy bears, TVs, watches, speakers, door locks, and home security system. Qualcomm showed off how its AllJoyn system allows independent devices from different manufacturers to respond to an AllJoin event…

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