Thursday at #CES2014 in Eureka Park

Tom Novak

Third and last day at CES. We’re staying at the Venetian, so this morning we had the easy commute down the elevator to the Eureka Park booths in the Venetian. The products below are all from Eureka Park.

Lifelogger.  Lifelogger’s claim is that it will “completely change the way you remember your life.”  That’s a tall order and I was a bit skeptical, but after seeing the Lifelogger camera I came away impressed.  This is a product I could see myself actually using.  The Lifelogger camera is a personal wearable video recorder with streaming capability.  It can store a day’s worth of video. The camera can clip onto a headband (Donna has it on in the picture), or can attach to the side of your glasses.  It’s about the size of a small USB stick. The battery lasts a couple hours, but a supplemental battery that clips on the headband will…

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