eLab City in Second Life

Tom Novak

Background. The eLab City project was started in Second Life in October 2007 and will be up and running at least through the end of 2014. eLab City was originally envisioned as a lab environment taking the form of a “live-work-play” community as outlined in a September 24, 2007 memo and a second memo on September 25. A more detailed concept plan was developed on October 1, 2007. Ideas for eLab City were also influenced by the Glam City build in Second Life. A call for proposals for the final 4-phase concept plan was made, with the bid for development awarded to Cezary Ostrowski and Nadia Hennrich.  Construction on the 2 island region eLab City East and West began in November 2007 and was completed in May 2008.  A third island, eLab City Northwest, was added in 2009 but will be removed in 2013.

The use of eLab City…

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