Is Amazon’s Dash Button Anti-Consumer?

We got three dash buttons yesterday – Tide, Bounty and Glad. Setup was pretty straightforward, although don’t try to run the microwave while you’re trying to pair the button with the app.

Amazon Dash Buttons
Amazon Dash Buttons for Tide, Bounty and Glad

The concept is pretty interesting, but as soon as we tried to select which Tide product for re-order, we didn’t see our variant there, so we didn’t proceed with setup. We also started to feel really uncomfortable with the idea that we couldn’t shop around on Amazon for the best price, but would basically be surrendering all control over product variant and price to Amazon. This felt unnatural.

We also got to thinking how higher-priced name brand marketers like P&G might think this would be great for brand loyalty in the fiercely competitive frequently purchased consumer packaged goods categories, yet how decidedly ungreat this would be for consumer choice and agency.

Are consumers really that lazy? Even using Amazon 1-click lets you check the price first.

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