Marketing in the Consumer Internet of Things: MSI/GW Center for the Connected Consumer Conference

Marketing in the Consumer Internet of Things

George Washington University
Washington, DC


What is the real value proposition of the consumer Internet of Things? It’s not the individual applications, platforms, and connected devices, it’s the totality of new experiences that emerge as consumers connect and interact—and discover new capabilities that enhance and enrich their everyday lives.

Join us as top academic researchers and industry thought leaders explore the far-reaching possibilities—and significant challenges—of the consumer IoT. Led by digital marketing experts Donna Hoffman and Tom Novak, we will address these questions:

  • How will the consumer IoT have far-reaching implications for firms across all industry sectors?
  • What are current business trends and practices? What’s working (and what’s not)?
  • How might marketers and firms map out a brand IoT strategy?
  • What new research frameworks and paradigms are emerging in the consumer IoT?
  • What’s around the corner? How should we get ready for the continuing evolution of the IoT?

For marketing practitioners and academic researchers, the conference will offer the latest thinking and evidence-based guidance from those at the forefront of the consumer IoT.


Sep 30, 2016



George Washington University
Washington, DC



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