Fully Integrated Pet Experiences are Coming Soon

One of the pretty interesting things I saw a lot at CES, both in Eureka Park (startups) and on the floor at Tech West were the many options for connecting your dog to the IoT. While smart collars have been around for a few years, the category has gotten a lot more sophisticated in the last few years and some companies are doing a great job with marketing and branding.

Wagz, for example, now proposes to offer a more complete experience for you and your pet, including a connected doggie door, food bowl, water bowl and collar. The collar is where things get really interesting – in the fully loaded model, you get GPS tracking, activity monitoring, an invisible leash, live HD video (what’s Fido up to?), and voice (“Fido! Come home now!”). The app integrates everything and seems to promise a lot of data for you to presumably enhance the care and feeding of your pet.

It’s gonna be pricey, though. They told me around $700 all in for the fully loaded kit when it finally hits the market later this year.

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