Bellus 3D Face Masks Look a Bit Weird But are VERY Cool!

Check out the 3D model they made of my face.

We visited the Bellus booth at Eureka Park and checked out their tech for making 3D face masks. They’ve got a high res camera that fits on your mobile phone or tablet that will list for around $500. Using the camera, you scan your entire head, which is surprisingly fast and easy and then you can share it with friends, insert yourself into video games – or – and this is where it gets really interesting – print a highly accurate 3D version of your head and face.

This has a lot of really interesting and important business and medical applications – you can apply digital makeup to the digital version of the 3D scan and see what you look like, try on glasses, wigs, and the like, use it for plastic and reconstructive surgery befores and afters and WAIT FOR IT – improve facial recognition given a 3D model of someone’s face. Yup, here’s the security angle again… Minority Report will be here soon.


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