Our Flipboards

The following Flipboards are curated by the Center for the Connected Consumer.


CES 2015 Flipboard - Donna

CES 2015 – from profhoff.  Staying connected in the m2m world.  2015 Consumer Electronics Show.   Curated by Donna Hoffman.





CES 2015 Flipboard - TomCES 2015.  Smart people, smart products, smart places. Postsocial media through the eyes of the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.  Curated by Tom Novak.





Flipboard IOT - Donna and Tom

Internet of Things and Consumer Experience.  From the GWSB Center for the Connected Consumer: Innovative and original research on consumer behavior in smart environments. Curated by Donna Hoffman and Tom Novak.




MagicMagic.  Articles and discussion forums about Magic, the Y Combinator startup that lets you get anything you want by text message (so long as it’s legal). Curated by Tom Novak.

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