My First Few Days with the Basis Band

Tom Novak

I’ve wanted to get a Basis Band ever since I first saw it at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. Unfortunately, the Basis Band has been pretty much out of stock for the past year and half, and pretty hard to get your hands on. So I was pretty excited when my wife somehow leapfrogged ahead of me in the queue and received an email invite to order a couple of Basis Bands. We went for one in white (her) and one in black (me).

Mine came with a crooked display, however. Might not bother everyone, but I’m a perfectionist and it bothered me. I read the return policy which mentions a 15% restocking fee, but when I emailed Basis they were great. No restocking fee, they immediately shipped out an advanced replacement which I received in a couple days, free shipping and free return. The kind of customer service you…

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My First Robo-Newspaper – Today’s Social Tech News

Tom Novak

logo-paper-liI just set up my first robo-newspaper, “Today’s Social Tech News” at  This newspaper is refreshed every morning, and brings in links from a set of 25 social media and technology Twitter feeds. These are the same feeds I access on my iPad through Flipboard, but produces a  Web page that organizes recent content from the 25 feeds into a nice-looking news format.

Right now I’m working with the free version of, so my domain name redirects to a generic URL. A $99/year “Pro” upgrade will remove the fairly minor ads from the site, let me use my custom domain name, and give me a bit more control over the look of the newspaper and some other bells and whistles.  But for $99/year, I’d like to see more than 25  feeds as well as the ability to create more than one “Pro” newspaper…

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