About the Center

Welcome to the Center for the Connected Consumer at The George Washington University School of Business, Co-Directed by Professors Donna Hoffman and Tom Novak. The Center is dedicated to understanding how consumers interact with smart objects that are connected to the Internet.

#1:research_jpg__326×225_ Innovative Research

Founded in 2013 at The George Washington University in Washington, DC, the mission of the Center for the Connected Consumer is to understand consumer experience in the Internet of Things using conceptual and empirical approaches with a variety of approaches include assemblage theory and object-oriented ontology and methods including machine learning and visualization techniques.

#2: Research Partnerships

The Center works with research partners who appreciate the value that rigorous academic research can bring to mission critical marketing problems. With our research partners, we are able to connect our innovative and cutting-edge academic research to the most pressing emerging challenges facing marketers in the era of the Internet of Things for strategic gain.

Prior to founding the Center in 2013, Professors Donna Hoffman and Tom Novak co-founded and co-directed two previous centers dedicated to understanding the online consumer: The Sloan Center for Internet Retailing (from 2003-2006 at Vanderbilt University and 2006-2013 at the University of California), and Project 2000 (from 1993-2003 at Vanderbilt University).

Through their research centers, Professors Hoffman and Novak have worked with over 40 corporate partners, foundations, and government funding agencies.

For further information on becoming a Center research partner, please contact Professor Donna Hoffman or Professor Tom Novak.

#3: Conferences and Seminars

The Center sponsors conferences, workshops, and seminars. These events provide academic researchers and research partners opportunities to learn about marketing in the era of the Internet of Things, to share best practices, and to benefit from the center’s intellectual leadership.